Password Recovery Engine for Access

Password Recovery Engine for Access (APRE) is a program that will help you quickly recover the password for your *.mdb file. Access is a very popular database and you may be using it to store your data. When you chose Access to store your data, you certainly wanted to protect this data and set a password for the database, but some time has passed and now you cannot remember the password or cannot find where you wrote it down. Do you already worry that you will not be able to access your data? Don't worry. APRE will help you recover the password for the *.mdb file with your data.

APRE has an easy-to-use wizard-like interface that will allow you to recover the password for your *.mdb file just in two steps. It is really fast and easy. To recover the password, you do not even need any special knowledge.

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Access password recovery
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Take a look at the program features:

  • Recovering passwords for *.mdb files quickly and reliably;
  • Recovering passwords independently of the language encoding;
  • Searching for all *.mdb files on the computer and selecting the file for recovery from the list of found files;
  • Copying the recovered password to the clipboard;
  • Saving the recovered password to a text file;
  • Opening the *.mdb file in Access without exiting the program;
  • Supporting Access versions 2003/2002/2000/97;
  • Convenient easy-to-use wizard-like interface;

In the first step, you select the way you want to specify the *.mdb file. If you know exactly where the *.mdb file you need is stored, select "Select MDB file manually", enter the name of the *.mdb file in the next step, click the "Recover" button and you will see your password at once. But if you are not sure where the *.mdb file you need is stored, select "Search for all MDB files on my computer". In the next step, select the disks that should be searched and APRE will find all *.mdb files on these disks. Select the file you need from the list of found *.mdb files, click the "Recover" button and the password will be recovered for it.

APRE recovers password in any languages. You will see exactly the password you entered to protect your data. You can copy the recovered password to the clipboard by clicking the "Copy Password" button. After that you can paste the copied password to the Access password request form when you will be opening the *.mdb file. Thus, you will not have to type the password.

If you want to view the data from your *.mdb file at once, just click the "Open MDB file in Access" button and APRE will open your *.mdb file in Access.

You can save the recovered password together with the full name of the *.mdb file to a text file by clicking the "Save to Report" button. The report for each *.mdb file is saved to a separate file. The name of each report includes the name of the *.mdb file. It will help you manage your passwords quickly and conveniently.

Try APRE and the software will instantly solve your problems with passwords for Access *.mdb files.

Download Free Demo Version

Demo version is available as a free download. This demo version has a limitation: it recovers only the first 2 characters in passwords.


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Download free demo version: Password Recovery Engine for Access
Download Password Recovery Engine for Access  Buy Password Recovery Engine for Access