Password Recovery Engine for Internet Explorer

Password Recovery Engine for Internet Explorer is a program for recovering logins and passwords for web sites. Internet Explorer is the most popular browser and you most probably use it to surf the Internet. You need a login and password to enter many sites and when you enter them, Internet Explorer allows you to save them for you not to have to enter this data again. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer does not allow you to view the saved logins and passwords.

Do you want to view site logins and passwords saved in Internet Explorer? Fortunately, it is easy - just use Password Recovery Engine for Internet Explorer. The software will instantly recover Internet Explorer passwords and also the URLs of sites and their logins.

Another problem with Internet Explorer passwords may be related to Content Advisor passwords. Content Advisor protects Internet Explorer with passwords. If you want to change the Content Advisor settings, but do not remember its password, Password Recovery Engine for Internet Explorer(IEPRE) will help you. With IEPRE, you can remove the Internet Explorer supervisor password and then restore the removed Content Advisor password after you change the settings.

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Internet Explorer password recovery
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  • Instantly recovering passwords and logins saved for web site forms;
  • Instantly recovering network (HTTP/HTTPS) passwords and logins for web sites;
  • Removing the Content Advisor password;
  • Restoring the Content Advisor password removed by the program;
  • Viewing the list of approved/disapproved sites, the rating levels of categories and the status of Content Advisor;
  • Supporting Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 5 versions;
  • Easy to use interface

Recovering IE passwords for websites:

It is really easy to recover passwords with IEPRE. You do not have to wait until the passwords are recovered. You will see the list of web sites and their passwords right after you start the program.
If you select a password in the list, you can copy it to the clipboard.
If you want to save all passwords, click the "Save list data to file" button.

Removing the Content Advisor password:

To access the Content Advisor password, select the "Content Advisor" tab. To remove the password, just click the "Delete Password" button. To restore the removed password, click the "Restore backed up password" button.

If you want to see the list of site logins and passwords again after you have worked with Content Advisor, switch back to the "Web Site Password" tab.

Try our software and you will see that it is really easy to recover IE passwords.


The program recovers only saved passwords. You can see the list of saved passwords and the first two characters in them using the demo version.

Download Free Demo Version

Demo version is available as a free download. This demo version has a limitation: it recovers only the first 2 characters in passwords.


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Download free demo version: Password Recovery Engine for Internet Explorer
Download Password Recovery Engine for Internet Explorer  Buy Password Recovery Engine for Internet Explorer