Password Recovery Engine for Word

In most companies' offices, *.doc (Microsoft® Word) documents are probably the most widely-spread files used by the employees. To protect the information, users often set a "password to open" for *.doc files. This is a convenient way to restrict access to the file when users exchange and store information. The problem appears when you forget the password or when an employee who set the password leaves job and the password isn't recorded anywhere. If this happens, our program called "Password Recovery Engine for Word" is the best solution. WPRE recovers the password to open for *.doc files.

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Word password recovery
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  • Recovering passwords to open for Microsoft® Word(*.doc) files;
  • Support of Microsoft® Word 2003/2002/2000/97 files
  • Fast MS Word passwords recovery;
  • Easy to use interface;

The program supports the following types of password recovery:

  • Dictionary attack (search among the most frequently used words);
  • Brute force attack (linear search among all possible passwords);

If you have some ideas about the length of the password or about the characters it consists of, you can customize the search to make the search time shorter.

Main settings:

  • Specifying a set of characters participating in the search;
  • Using password wildcard masks;
  • Specifying a maximum and minimum password length;
  • Selecting a custom dictionary for using in the passwords recover process;
  • Settings word modifications for the dictionary words (Lower case, Upper case, First Upper Case, etc.);

The program allows saving the recover settings to a file and using them in to resume password recovery. Word documents (*.doc files) uses strong encryption algorithm RC4, so if the password is long, it may take some time to guess the password. To avoid losing the passwords it has already tried, the program saves recover settings at regular intervals. If power failure occurs, you can continue the search without losing too much time. When you start the program, you don't have to worry about customizing it, as the default settings are appropriate in most cases. All you have to do is select a file you'd like to recover the password for and click Recover button.

Download Free Demo Version

Demo version is available as a free download. This demo version has a limitation: it recovers only the first 2 characters in passwords.


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Download free demo version: Password Recovery Engine for Word
Download Password Recovery Engine for Word  Buy Password Recovery Engine for Word